Keeping Time in Style

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Clocks become part of our internal landscapes so why not have one that reflects your sense of style and unique view of the world? By Steven Shaver Designs.

Every woman loves...

7:07 AM / Comments (3) / by SillyLittleLady

things that smell nice! So here are some Etsy Finds For Her that you can give as a gift for any, or even no, occasion!

These candles by Revisions are so cute, they look like little eggs! How precious, your lady will be so pleased, it will be impossible for her not to smile :)

The scent of Orange Blossom will give you that little lift you need periodically throughout your day, and these beeswax candles from BesemNaturalScents are the way to get it!

Don't forget this super cute gel candle for your love bug! From jotaysgel

All of the candles found in CandleConfections' shop look good enough to eat! Get your living quarters ready for the holidays by lighting this Gingerbread Spice candle

Keep Her Hand Warm Even If It Is Not Holding Yours

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I would be willing to bet that your lady's hands get cold a lot easier that yours do. Why not get her a little something to keep them warm all season long?

These Handknit Wool Gloves by ArtyCousinJenny should do the trick

These white crochet gloves by piccoladonna2006 are simple and chic and very lady-like

These precious deer gloves from polkadotrabbitdotcom will keep her hands nice and toasty
And as always, don't forget to look for those fingerless mitts if she would like to have her fingers free for typing, driving, or holding your hand as well!

T Shirts

8:22 AM / Comments (3) / by timothy

I am a fan of cool T-shirts. I will be finding the best of the best and bringing them to you.
I stumbled across SNOWCONE COLLECTIVE on Etsy one day. I quickly made their shop one of my faves!

Here is one of my faves for the guys!


Material: American Apparel, 2001 Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt.

Color: Creme.

Screen: Two color, Brown and Red.

Size: Mens/Unisex
Chest 38-40
Waist 32-33

Here is one for Her.... I am a sucker for Ts and cameras!

Limited edition graphic t-shirt.
This initial run consists of 72 shirts, a dozen of which are in womens size large.

Material: American Apparel, 2102 Fine Jersey S/S T-Shirt.

Color: Black.

Screen: Two color, White and Red.

Size: Womens
Size 8-10
Chest 36-38
Waist 30-32

SNOWCONE COLLECTIVE can be found on Etsy


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