Keep Her Hand Warm Even If It Is Not Holding Yours

7:48 AM / Comments (1) / by SillyLittleLady

I would be willing to bet that your lady's hands get cold a lot easier that yours do. Why not get her a little something to keep them warm all season long?

These Handknit Wool Gloves by ArtyCousinJenny should do the trick

These white crochet gloves by piccoladonna2006 are simple and chic and very lady-like

These precious deer gloves from polkadotrabbitdotcom will keep her hands nice and toasty
And as always, don't forget to look for those fingerless mitts if she would like to have her fingers free for typing, driving, or holding your hand as well!


piccoladonna2006 @ December 1, 2008 at 4:02 PM

thanks for posting my gloves here!