Gifts for Her Dog!

3:09 PM / Comments (1) / by SillyLittleLady

Ok, so if you have a woman in your life, chances are good that she has a canine companion that she enjoys doting on and maybe even dressing up! Here are some super cute gift ideas for when your woman has everything she needs, but perhaps her pooch needs some attention too:

Miascloset is always a good choice when looking for pet accessories:

Hoverfly has some wonderful choices for the larger dog, because we all know that not all girls need the pup you can fit in your purse.

For the Extra Small Punky Pooch, ludascrafts has just what you are looking for!


Jamie @ October 26, 2008 at 9:33 PM

I've had that second one bookmarked forever! A man that can spoil my puppy is great in my book, hahah