Hive Tie

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Hive Tie

Honey bees have arguably the most complex social behavior among all bees, and their hive is a symbol of industry and cooperation. Original illustration. Standard width tie,
.microfiber or silk.

Lealand Eve is a specialty boutique that brings a young, fresh aesthetic to our location on suburban Long Island and online to the rest of the world. Showcasing the lines of smaller manufacturers and individual artisans, the shop carries home accessories, wearable accessories for women and men, gift and novelty items and jewelry. Our look is organic and clean, taking cues from the natural environment and adding a whimsical, fairy tale touch. We update a classic “vintage” look with modern materials and design.

We aim to bring modern interpretations to our “lifestyle” boutique in Sayville, showcasing unique pieces for home and self. To further develop the atmosphere at the store, a gallery space is integrated into the boutique that features revolving exhibits by local emerging artists as well as the work of Lealand Eve.


Christine @ October 6, 2008 at 8:10 PM

Those ties look fabulous. The honeycomb design also reminds me of cyclohexane.

Did I just say that...

No more chem, please! T.T