Simple Earrings for Her

6:23 PM / Comments (0) / by SillyLittleLady

These earrings just made me smile the first time I saw them, and I hope they make you smile too!

They are simple and emanate a chic, modern, tech savvy girl. How many ladies do you know that wear their email addiction on their head?

These earings are by maryandjane.

Maryandjane can be found on Etsy.

These super cool retro chic and totally modern earrings add a small pop to any outfit! They are super funky and the geometric shapes within the design make these earrings a step above the rest.
These super neat earrings can be found in

kaoruwerk's shop on Etsy.

Swirly swirly swirly! These minimal earrings add a big impact, each earring differs slightly from the other but this helps add to the charm of the pair.

contrariwise makes these super cute very awesome earrings that any girl would be thrilled to have in her collection. Contrariwise can be found on Etsy.