UPCYCLED Rainbow Stripe

6:29 AM / Comments (0) / by timothy

I was just browsing through some Etsy items and found this cool shop..GetReadySetGO.
They specialize in QUALITY VINTAGE LUGGAGE...They have loads of different styles!

UPCYCLED Rainbow Stripe

BRAND = American Tourister- TIARA

HEIGHT = Large Suitcase: 17.5 in.(44.5cm), Medium Suitcase: 16.25 in.(41.5cm)

WIDTH = Large Suitcase: 24.5.5 in.(62.5cm), Medium Suitcase: 21.5 in.(54.75cm)

DEPTH = Large Suitcase: 7.25 in.(18.5cm), Medium Suitcase: 7.25 in.(44.5cm)


These suitcases have SWEET retro stripes and WORKING KEYS to keep your stuff SAFE! the interior in near flwless- there is VERY minor stain on the larger of the 2. you won't find a pair of suitcases like this anywhere else. We also have the Original AMERICAN TOURISTER luggage tags if you want them.

GetReadySetGO. can be found on Etsy